Friday, September 12, 2014

Bota and Nev’s Excellent Alpaca Adventure!

Our gorgeous Kubota and his buddy Neville will be leaving us September 27th to begin their journey to their new home in New Hampshire. We are very excited for them…their new owner, Kitt Hollister, has a veterinary degree and seems to be just our kinda gal. She is deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of her animals (and everyone else’s as well, methinks) and has just been a pleasure to work with. She actually purchased the boys in June, but opted to board them here until the weather improved and made things more conducive to safe travel across our very large country. We hate to see them go, but are very pleased they will have a safe and productive life at Kitt’s Howling Hill Farm. Bota is an exceptional young male – an appaloosa with amazing consistency throughout his fleece, wonderful fineness, density, conformation and coverage and we can’t wait to see his offspring.

Congratulations to Kitt and Bon Voyage to our sweet little boys.