Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Which Wool?

With Pinterest on the rise, crafting and DIY projects are making a comeback. Among the many crafting options, knitting and crocheting aren’t just for grandmothers anymore! For all those sweater, hat and mitten projects for this cold winter, you may be wondering what type of wool yarn to buy and the difference between them – and why alpaca yarn is a great choice!

Lamb’s Wool: This is short length wool is sheared from lambs around seven months. It is softer and more elastic than regular wool and is also lightweight but warm.

Cashmere Wool: Sheared from a Cashmere goat, the wool has to be separated from the coarser hair making it more laborious than other wools, therefore resulting in expensive wool. The end result, however, is a very fine and soft wool.

Angora Wool: This wool is actually taken from a rabbit! The Angora rabbit is known for its long, silky, fluffy fur. However, it needs to be blended with other fibers because of the lack of elasticity.

Merino Wool: This is the most common and well-known type of wool. Taken from a Merino Sheep, it is durable and helps regulate moisture and insulation.

Alpaca Wool: Alpaca wool is increasingly becoming more popular. It is as soft as Cashmere and lighter than Lamb’s wool but extremely warm. Unlike other wools, alpaca wool also doesn’t pill and is extremely durable. Also unlike the Merino Wool and Angora Wool, it is extremely soft and doesn’t leave your skin feeling itchy. Alpaca wool is also water and fire resistant!