Herd size: 57

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Huacayas 38 19

Visit a working alpaca ranch!

The ranch is open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5 pm. You can visit the alpacas, check out the ranch store and enjoy our spectacular views. We have alpaca products from raw fleece, rovings, bats, and yarn as well as apparel, accessories, books & toys, and housewares. We love showing off the versatility of the wool these creatures produce and we especially love introducing folks to these wonderful creatures. We look forward to your visit.

Altair's vito - ain't he gorgeous
Champ - born 6-4-14

OK Fleece Ribbons

Montana, he's as big as the state

WE WELCOME YOU TO QUE SERA FARMS. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN EXPERIENCE THAT'S A LITTLE OUT OF THE ORDINARY? HOW ABOUT A VISIT TO A WORKING ALPACA RANCH? Meet the babies (we call them cria) laugh with the Jr. Varsity boys as they work out their new plays. Visit our fiber processing area ... and of course there's Broonie, our kissing alpaca... You'll love meeting sweet Broonie and Rocket Man will steal your heart!. Call ANNE: 505-310-3369 to arrange an appointment.

EXPERIENCED BREEDER? We'd love to show you our herd. We have show quality breeding stock, great fiber industry stock as well as pet quality animals.

NEW TO THE BUSINESS? We welcome visits from those who have just discovered these wonderful creatures.

WONDERING WHAT THE FUSS IS ALL ABOUT OR THINKING ABOUT ADOPTING THIS LIFE STYLE. We'd love to visit with you. Call today to book your visit.



CRIA News:
May and June - Evie, delivered our spectacular Montana, May 29. I keep trying to take a picture but he won't stand still!
Royale presented us with a beautiful baby girl on June 4. Solomon's Royal Champagne - AKA Champ.
Zathura, June 18, gorgeous Ezekial, Zeke to his friends.
June 23, Aurora surprised us with a luscious little true black female.
River - she was just waiting for an appropriate day. The whole country will celebrate her baby's birthday from now on. Rocket Man joined us about 11am on the Fourth of July, a gorgeous chocolate brown, all curls and legs! And oh what a personality!
Another surprise - Princess delivered a beautiful little white female on Saturday, July 26 - We weren't watching her seriously yet since she was not even at 11 months - Our Rainie arrived at 10 months, 3 weeks!
Zoe has proven to be a real champ in the mother department. Zadie - her first baby arrived on September 17 - no muss, no fuss. Congratulations to the Sassers on the arrival of this gorgeous little girl.
Rose came in right on time - September 24 - with our luscious Adrienne - a beautiful sable brown girl - Too cute!
And another surprise - Lalique delivered September 28 - two days shy of 11 months. Found Lord Winston newly born - strong and gorgeous. Congrats again to Pam and Dave of Wide Sky Alpacas.
Next Pearl - 10-5-14 - oh so cute Dylan joined us - easy birth, strong boy - just the way we like them.
And last but far from least Theresa Marie surprised us on October 21 - one week short of eleven months. Delivered a gorgeous, strong bouncing baby boy...VERY early in the morning.

Financing is available to qualified buyers. For sales we require 1/3 down and can offer 0% financing for up to 2 years. (We're in the alpaca business, not the banking business! ) Installment plans are also available for breedings and are negotiated on a case by case basis. We charge a $5 per month handling fee for all installment payments and we accept all major credit cards.